Wednesday, April 11, 2012


“This is a brave, beautifully written account of Molly Best Tinsley’s parents’ final years in America’s new solution—the continuing care facility. She shows us that no matter where we decline and finally die, it is both tragedy and triumph.”
- Shannon Ravenel
editor, New Stories from the South

“While Molly Best Tinsley’s story of her parents’ last years is the dark end of the family romance, you discover the dignity and unexpected comedy of their struggle. It also charts the journey of three siblings from denial to indignation and finally acceptance as they learn how to bring comfort to a mother and father who inhabit their own inner worlds.”
- Merrill Leffler
editor, Dryad Press; poet, Mark the Music

“Luminous, funny, and heartbreaking, Entering the Blue Stone is a beautiful book—the writing, of course, but also the quality of heart—it is so informed by love, without being in the least sentimental.”
- Joyce Reiser Kornblatt
author, The Reason for Wings

“What happens when one’s larger-than-life military parents - so strong, so capable, so valiant - begin to slide out of control? Molly Best Tinsley tells the story of her parents’ final battle - roles are reversed, rules are unclear, and the entire family is engulfed by a strange and deepening fog. It is a story both familiar and exceedingly rare, beautiful and harrowing and often very funny. Entering the Blue Stone is a small gem of a book. Read it.”
- Mary Edwards Wertsch
author, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress

"Entering the Blue Stone is a necessary, compelling, beautifully crafted story. With tenderness and humor, Molly Best Tinsley weaves lyrical childhood memories, medical details of her parents’ decline, and insights about the passing of life.”
- Geraldine Connolly
poet, Hand of the Wind

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